Should I add protein powder to my diet

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Adding protein powder to the diet is a general question asked by people. As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), protein is a macronutrient integral to your body functions like immune response and hormone production. 

If you are a gymnastic, you may have heard people or gym trainers talking about protein shakes and their intakes. These shakes are the nutritional supplements that people prefer to have because it helps in building muscle blocks and managing weight. These are effortlessly available from healthy stores, but the question is, who can have these supplements? Everybody can enjoy flavoured Protein shakes from bodybuilders to athletes to common people. 

Being a critical necessity of the body, protein powders can fuel the energy to keep your body fit and healthy to fight off illness and amp up your workout. These protein powders come in different forms: Hemp protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, whey protein, casein protein, etc. and are undoubtedly beneficial for the body.

What are the possible health benefits of Protein shakes?

There are numerous reasons people intake Protein, and the reason can be muscle gain, weight management, weight gain, recovery from any injury. Moreover, protein intake makes you feel fuller and rather than eating huge portions; people start eating in small ones. This also cuts off the habit of frequent snacking. There are several more benefits of adding Protein to your diet, and here are those reasons.

1. Recovery from injury/exercise

Protein shakes are taken by Athletes, Gymnasts, and other people to build muscle blocks and to recover from any exercise or muscle injury. Athletes do excessive workouts, and in some cases, they may feel muscle soreness and having proteins can speed up the recovery period.

2. Extra nutrition

Today the food that we eat lacks the amount of Protein vitamins. For an average of 19 years old and above women, the protein intake should be 46g, and for men, it should be 56 grams. So, it is challenging to meet the protein intake requirements in food, but protein supplements are an easy way to meet the protein deficiency.

3. Muscle growth

Those adults who perform rigorous muscle activities consume Protein for muscle growth. According to the research, protein supplements can increase muscle size and shows equal effects in men and women. In short, it enhances muscle growth.

4. Managed weight

Late-night eating desires and untimely cravings are way different from what a normal hunger feels. Cravings are super hard to control because only your brain wants to have food, not your stomach. Untimely eating and satisfying your desires can result in weight gain. Hence protein intake is the best practice to manage weight because it keeps you full.

5. Lowers down blood pressure

It lowers blood pressure which is the leading cause of people suffering from heart attacks and strokes. The higher protein, a person intakes, the more it lowers the blood pressure.

Wrapping up

Protein powders and supplements have a wholesome effect on your body and contribute an apt amount of Protein.  With the modern lifestyle, health-conscious people only have concerns about getting enough protein from their food. So, the most effective and popular way to stay on top of having enough protein for your body needs is by taking protein powder. But instead of relying on the protein supplements entirely, gaining maximum protein from the food itself should be the top priority.
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